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Paul Ryan, LAC is an acupuncturist in New York, NY and has been practicing for 15 years. He graduated from Beijing College Of Traditional Chinese Medicine in 2004 and specializes in acupuncture and acupressure.

At East-West Integrated Wellness, we offer safe, effective and holistic treatments based on Chinese understanding of health and illness. Chinese medicine says that health – both physical and mental – is governed by the flow of qi through a number of channels and organ systems. When these systems become unbalanced or thrown into disharmony, the body and mind manifest various forms of pain and diseases. Physical trauma (acute or chronic repetitive strain), unbalanced diet and lifestyle, emotional turmoil and excessive stress, can unbalance and disharmonize the body-mind. In many instances, restoration of normal flow of qi by application of acupuncture, manual therapy, or intake of herbal remedies combined with removal of the disrupting factors will result in a return to health and well-being. However, when the flow is severely damaged, or the disrupting factors cannot be removed, regular maintenance care can provide relief and prevent the progression of the disease.

Dr. Paul Francis Ryan L.Ac. DACM, is a licensed acupuncturist who brings 18 years of studying and clinical practice in China to his private practice and educational courses. He is the first Westerner to graduate with a master's degree from the Beijing University of Chinese Medicine and the only Westerner ever hired by the Guangdong Provincial Hospital of Chinese Medicine as an acupuncturist clinician. He believes in the integration of mind and body and the integration of Eastern and Western treatment modalities. He is committed to serving patients through clinical practice that draws on all the major Chinese therapeutic techniques, as well as Western manual therapies like cranial sacral and myofascial treatment. 

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  • null Beijing College Of Traditional Chinese Medicine
  • 2018 Pacific College Of Oriental Medicine Doctorate In Acupuncture and Chinese Medicine
  • 2004 Beijing College Of Traditional Chinese Medicine
  • 1994 University Of Vermont
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    Chinese, Mandarin

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