Matthew Branham, LAC

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About Doctor

Matthew Branham, LAC is an acupuncturist in Frenchtown, NJ. He graduated from Siom and specializes in acupuncture, pain medicine, and more.

Where is health and healing? I believe it is in how we live our lives every day. The thoughts we think, what we say to ourselves and others, the pace of our lives has real impact on how healthy we feel. The guiding principle of Chinese medicine is nourishing life, living in accord with the natural rhythms of the Tao. This is the core concept of my practice and includes looking at how we take care of ourselves.

Areas of Expertise

Massage Therapy
Pain Medicine
Sports Medicine


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    207 Harrison St Frenchtown, NJ 08825

    Phone:(609) 575-9898
    207 Harrison St Frenchtown, NJ 08825
    Matthew Branham, LAC -207 Harrison St Frenchtown, NJ 08825- Hospital Search Office Phone: (609) 575-9898


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